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Best Way to Hang Out with Republicans Phoenix 2010 - Politics on the Rocks

The truth is that it's the Democrats who could use a few stiff ones right about now, but the other truth is that Republicans are more fun to drink with. Dems are sloppy drunks — they get all mushy about saving the world — while the worst thing that might happen when you're drinking with a Republican is that he might try to leave you with the check. In any case, if you're looking to get down and dirty with some conservatives, we recommend Politics on the Rocks, a monthly GOP-ish confab started in Scottsdale. Beautiful young Republicans get together at tony spots like the Montelucia and Revolver Lounge to press flesh with candidates and engage in like-minded conversation. We hear they let Libertarians in, too. And we all know that they are the most fun of all.
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Amanda Vega
Amanda Vega

This is a great group. I concur. But I wouldn't be concerned about a Republican leaving you with the check - that's totally a Democrat move - since they think us "rich" should share the wealth. So I would have said, "the BEST part is they will likely PICK UP the check!" LOL!

Amanda Vega