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Best Way to Learn About the Harvey Girls Phoenix 2010 - Arizona Capitol Museum Exhibit

Arizona Capitol Museum Exhibit

Arizona Capitol Museum Exhibit

1700 W. Washington St.

Phoenix, AZ 85007


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Wanted: Young women 18 to 30 years of age, of good character, attractive and intelligent. Let's face it: In the 1880s, American ladies didn't have a lot of choices. What was an adventurous girl to do? Many headed to the Southwest. The Harvey Girls were single women who answered newspaper advertisements in the Midwest and the East to go into the Arizona and New Mexico territories to work as waitresses for Fred Harvey and his hotel/restaurant chain. Between 1883 and 1950, nearly 100,000 women came west to work. They could serve a four-course meal in less than 30 minutes. In the process, they became part of the first significant female workforce in the United States. Check out this exhibit about the Harvey Girls' contribution to Arizona's growth.
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This museum is amazing, is like a hidden secret...I go back every free, is beautiful and historical...a must see. I think tours are Mon-Fri 10am and 2pm. The staff is small but so knowledgeable and nice. A must see. I did see the Harvey girl exhibit and life size cool.