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Best Alternative/Rock Radio Station Phoenix 2011 - KWSS 106.7 FM

It's cool enough that independent radio station KWSS 106.7 FM is commercial-free (excluding the on-air plugs during programming for "underwriters"/sponsors), but it's the station's lack of rigid format/computer-generated playlists that really sets it apart. While tuning into any advertiser-driven rock radio station in the Valley guarantees you'll hear the latest hard rock "hits" everybody else is playing, you get no such guarantee with KWSS. In fact, you're more likely to hear an alternative radio hit from 1985 before you'll get the latest Nickelback tune. And that's fine with us — we'd much rather have eclectic programming like Erratic Radio (hosted by Westley Allen, who plays in local bands The Plainfield Butchers and The Rebel Set) and Live Transmission (hosted by notable Valley club DJ William Reed). In addition to obscure alternative cuts and new tunes by emerging artists, KWSS gives lots of love to local artists, pimping Valley rockers' songs in a daily top five list — so instead of being stuck with any other station's "drive-time" drivel, we get to cruise to tunes by Phoenix bands like The Love Me Nots, Kongos, Peachcake, and Banana Gun.
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Yes, maybe it is being taken over by posers? But is music not a constantly evolving form of art? Without change every band would sound the same. I used to be against some of these new bands that are coming out now days. But ive learned to respect every musician.

Let us unite and cheer all alternative rock bands out there. Remember the best way to let someone else win is to let them divide and conquer. This is why all these gangsta rap artists are hitting the charts. Their listeners like them all. There is no segregation.

Lets all come together. Alternative Rock forever!

Liz Bug
Liz Bug

It's pretty rock-in for an independent station!


You "Valley" losers are not only rude, you are even behind the mid-western types you make fun off... This music sucks. Try a real alternaterive station like CD101 in Columbus, Ohio...even a station in Ohio is more cutting edge than this crap. Work on your manners and your music.


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