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Best Beer for an Ice Cream Float Phoenix 2011 - Sonoran Brewing Company

Sonoran Brewing Company

Sonoran Brewing Company

10426 E. Jomax Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85262


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You're an adult. You drive your own car, you pay for your own place, you go out to bars — but you still use root beer in your floats? Shameful. Grow up and splosh your ice cream in a mug of Inebriator, a thick, rich, chewy stout from Sonoran Brewing Company. With mighty flavors of peanut, molasses, milk chocolate, and hot cocoa, the beer's a perfect pair to vanilla ice cream. Plus, it's, you know, inebriating. Yay, adulthood!
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LC Ruff
LC Ruff

MMMMMM! Who all serves this amazing treat around town?