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Best Beer for Liquor Lovers Phoenix 2011 - Sonoran 200

You've probably seen the boxy, clear-glass bottles of Sonoran 200 sitting on the shelves of your local place's beer section before, and maybe you even thought about buying one. Then you saw the price tag. "$25 for a beer?" you thought. "Preposterous!" Which it may well be — for a beer. But Sonoran 200 — made with pure agave nectar and aged on oak for six months — is 40-proof and tastes like butterscotch tequila maple donuts. What it does not taste like is beer. Pour it into a snifter, drop in an ice cube or two and sip, cordially.
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Natalie Morris
Natalie Morris

So cool! Where can one find this? We're definitely looking into getting some from the local distributor for the Urban Grocery, but in the meantime, would love to purchase a bottle for myself!