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Best Bottled Beer Selection Phoenix 2011 - Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Whole Foods

2955 W. Ray Road

Chandler, AZ 85224


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We'll say it: Phoenix has beer culture on tap. While there is no shortage of places to buy brew, one place has a selection that can't be beat: Whole Foods in Chandler. Whether you're looking for a Session six-pack or a 750-milliliter bottle of Dogfish Head Sah'tea, you'll find it fresh and reasonably chilled for instant imbibing. And if you like a nosh with your beer, you could do a lot worse than grabbing a BBQ sandwich or some sushi from Whole Foods. One wonders why you would ever need to leave.
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Rob Feckler
Rob Feckler

Haha, well, you'll soon need to leave since you have to enjoy that beer in peace at home. There's nothing more relaxing than enjoying some beer or liquor after a long day of hard work, eh?