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Best Coffee House, South Phoenix Phoenix 2011 - Cupz N' Crepes

Cupz N\' Crepes

Cupz N' Crepes

4232 E. Chandler Blvd.

Ahwatukee, AZ 85048


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Readers' Choice: Starbucks
We're suckers for a good crêpe. Light and eggy, savory or sweet, the prospects of grabbing a cuppa joe with a crêpe on the side have us salivating just thinking about it. Lucky for us, at Cupz N' Crepes each part of that dynamic duo stands on its own. The drip coffee is rich and bold, and the fully stocked coffee bar serves up all your favorite espresso-based treats. And the crêpes are just as varied and delicious, whether they're packed with bananas and nutella or eggs and bacon. Cupz N' Crepes will definitely have you coming back for more.
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