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Best Coffee House with a Heart Phoenix 2011 - Cup O' Karma

Cup O\' Karma

Cup O' Karma

1710 W. Southern Ave.

Mesa, AZ 85202


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While the coffee at Cup O' Karma is decent, there are three things for which this place is better known. First, the iced teas are to die for. Patrons can choose from a wide variety of teas (hot, cold, or even blended like smoothies) and fruity flavors like tangerine. The place's green and chai teas are particularly delectable. Second, there's plenty of seating and the Internet Wi-Fi signal is super-strong (it's rare to go into Cup O' Karma and not see at least three people pounding away on their laptops). Third, proceeds from the sales of Cup O'Karma's beverages goes to a charity called Seeds of Hope, which works with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Throw in the local artwork on the walls and live acoustic music, and Cup O' Karma's got their recipe for success.
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keith e
keith e

Best little hometown coffee shop feel I have felt in a long time! still have that corp feel!