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Best Corner Italian Restaurant Phoenix 2011 - DeFalco's Italian Eatery

DeFalco\'s Italian Eatery

DeFalco's Italian Eatery

2334 N. Scottsdale Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85257


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When you walk into DeFalco's, you see it and you smell it. We're talking about the love that goes into the homemade hot and cold sandwiches, pasta, and pizza at this mom-and-pop Italian grocery-slash-deli-slash-restaurant. The DeFalcos immigrated to North America from Abruzzi, Italy, in 1903 and passed down generations of recipes for their awesome meatballs and tangy tomato sauce. There's no table service here, but that gives you an opportunity to gaze at the racks of imported Italian goodies as you stand in line (and, at lunch, there certainly is a line). And you'll surely enjoy looking at the deli counter, filled with amazing-looking cheeses, cured meats, and side dishes. When it's time to order off the extensive menu, we like to let the folks behind the counter steer us toward what's good, which might be a mouthwatering meatball sub one day or, as one DeFalco told us, "the best cheesesteak anywhere" the next day. Rest assured, we're already plotting our next visit to DeFalco's, because we have a hunch just about everything on that menu is going to make us happy eaters.
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I love this place, been eating here since I was a kid and I couldn't agree more with the win.

Anthony DeFalco
Anthony DeFalco

Thank you ricopags!

We will do our best to keep up the quality and service, for many years to come. I really appreciate your input.


Anthony DeFalco-