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Best Dog Park, West Valley Phoenix 2011 - Foothills Park

Foothills Park

Foothills Park

1010 Marketplace Way SW

Phoenix, AZ 85003


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Even though they're man's best friends, your fur babies can't survive on human affection alone. When Fido starts to crave a little doggy socialization, bring him to Foothills Dog Park, where he can sniff as many dog butts as his little nose desires. This off-leash grassy zone lets your precious pup romp with other friendly dogs — we've never encountered aggression problems here — while you socialize with like-minded dog lovers. Foothills Park offers plenty of shade for relief from sunny days, water to keep your dog hydrated, and an agility course if your pup is the next Lassie in the making. There's also plenty of seating, so you can kick up your own tired paws while Fido burns off some energy.
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Paultons Park Vouchers
Paultons Park Vouchers

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