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Best Farmers Market Phoenix 2011 - Vincent on Camelback

Vincent on Camelback

Vincent on Camelback

3930 E. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85018


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Baby artichokes the size of your thumb. Tiny carrots, in little bundles, that taste somehow like they've been dipped in brown sugar. Beets so fresh they still have dirt clods stuck to their roots. No gourmet repast is done right without fresh ingredients, and we always find them at Vincent's weekly farmers market during the cooler months. We sometimes have to elbow well-known chefs and restaurateurs out of our way to get to the high-end cheeses (sold by the hunk or in entire wheels!) at this casual, European-type outdoor market, but that only makes us feel more gourmet, somehow. Dig the locally grown, organic vegetables; the delicious just-baked pastries from Vincent's own pastry chef; and one or another of the Valley's best-known chefs, preparing a stunning gourmet entrée right before your eyes. Our only complaints are that parking is a bit tricky (although lately there's been a park-for-pay lot nearby) and that it's best to arrive really early — the place usually opens at 7 — because when the good stuff is gone, it's gone.
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