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Best Food Co-Op Phoenix 2011 - Bountiful Baskets Food Co-Op

Bountiful Baskets is one of the largest volunteer-run co-ops in Arizona, with well over 100 locations from Sahuarita to Bullhead City and just about everywhere in between. In Phoenix alone, there are about 18 locations. It's entirely volunteer-run with no requirement to opt in every week. Decide on Tuesday whether you want a basket full of produce the coming weekend — 15 bucks for the regular basket or 30 bucks for the organic offering — and you're good to go. They also offer weekly deals on bread, cases of produce (peaches, tomatoes, whatever's in season), Asian/Mexican/Italian packs, and lots of holiday fun, such as DIY cookie kits. Just make sure you show up every once in a while to volunteer!
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Nisha Riggs
Nisha Riggs

My family loves Bountiful Baskets and has been participating in this food coop for a long time now. There are many women who also blog recipe ideas and weekly menu plans based on Bountiful Baskets. You can find a link to their blogs here:

The thing I actually enjoy most about Bountiful Baskets is that we don't know what we're going to get and that there's always a variety. We've tried many new things and our menu has lots of variety to it.


Can't say I agree with this selection but oh well. I think if you are really health conscious and want to be a true localvore, you should know where you food is coming from and strive to make sure it is fresh and from the surrounding area. I have been a member of BB in the past and the majority of what I get comes from out of the state and is one the way out in terms of freshness. If you truly want to go the route of weekly deliveries you need to subscribe to a true CSA, such as Desert Roots (voted best CSA by New Times 2011 also). They offer a variety of food options, veggies, dairy, meat, eggs, etc. and it is all local, all organic and all fresh. There really isn't any comparison if you have done both.