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Best Hiking Trail Phoenix 2011 - Camelback Mountain's Cholla Trail

Camelback Mountain\'s Cholla Trail

Camelback Mountain's Cholla Trail

6200 E. Cholla Way

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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Readers' Choice: Camelback Mountain
It's easy to see why Camelback Mountain has some of the most popular trails in the Valley, as the top of the red sandstone "hump" provides an unparalleled view of Phoenix. Most people are familiar with the Echo Canyon trail, but we like the slightly easier Cholla Trail. We say slightly easier because while you'll still end up sweating like a whore in church, it's a bit less steep. The last eighth of a mile before the summit does require a bit of rock scrambling — so leave Rover at home if you plan on reaching the top. And whatever you do, bring plenty of water and know your limits. Hiking should be fun, not harrowing. Nobody wants to be the dingbat who gets airlifted off Camelback.
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