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Best Hip-Hop DJ Phoenix 2011 - Pickster One

Readers' Choice: DJ Madd Rich
Word to the wise: Don't ever refer to Dusty Hickman as a DJ. The 34-year-old turntable artist, who performs under the moniker Pickster One, is far more talented than the ordinary rank-and-file selectas working the Valley's nightlife scene. First off, his skills at scratching (a lost art, in our humble opinion) are of the highest order. Then there are his prodigious talents at making mixes, particularly those of the hip-hop variety. Download any of the many mixtapes from his website and enjoy the audio ecstasy of Hickman's song selection and mash-up techniques, as he seamlessly grafts together modern-day masterpieces from Jay-Z and Afroman with old-school favorites by KRS-One and Kool Herc. Speaking of old school, Hickman's just that, having worked practically every club in the Valley and serving as long-running resident at such nights as Blunt Club and the Kill Mill for more than 15 years. He also proves you can teach an old dawg new tricks, as he's been working such latter-day genres as moombahton and electro into his sets. And, as always, he does it with style.
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Instead of assembling some amalgamation of outdated information, personal opinion and general assumptions, maybe whomever assembled this list should have actually went to his Facebook/Website to get their information. Then maybe you would have known that Pickster One is on the Forefront of the Moombahton Movement, and isn't simply "working such latter-day genres as moombahton and electro into his sets." It's a genre that's going to change the music scene of the city as we know it.

Additionally, the italicization of Moombahton is bothering me. Is it because you've yet to find a way to classify it? I suppose music simply can't be music, huh?