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Best Hipster Dance Night Phoenix 2011 - Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers

130 E. Washington St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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Here's a fun game to try sometime: Hang out among the throng of clubgoers gathered on the sidewalk along Washington Street's block-long nightlife district on a typical Friday evening and see if you can spot the hipsters. It ain't hard to miss 'em, as they stand out from the Latino-heavy crowd with their ironic T-shirts, porkpie hats, and shabby-chic threads while making a beeline from the nearby light-rail station to the front door of Bar Smith. Hipster impresario William Fucking Reed's putting on the Valley's marquee indie dance night, and there's little time to waste. Hepcat DJs like 2ToneDisco, Goldsmith, and Juan Carlos Lenz are in residence on the roof, unleashing electro-house, moombahton, and club bangers. Meanwhile, sleaze rock and punk gets dished out downstairs, and there are weekly live gigs by some of the biggest indie bands in Phoenix — including Peachcake, What Laura Says, and Mr. Meeble. It's little wonder, then, that Filter Magazine calls it "one of the hippest places in Phoenix to be." True dat.
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1) Jake Goldsmith is not, nor has ever been a resident at Sticky Fingers. (and all it took me was a google search)

2) You're game does sound quite fun...well as long as you are a classist bigot. Instead of accentuating the diversity of the Washington Row, you yet again find a way to show everyone who reads this how disconnected and judgmental you are. And I suppose the African-American Heavy crowd, as you might put it, at Club PHX is invisible. Or maybe fear of social ostracism for lack of political correctness simply made their presence...less important.