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Best Horror Movie Show Phoenix 2011 - Dr. Zombie's Movie Lab of Terror

The flicks that Dr. Zombie screens at his occasional Movie Lab of Terror aren't actually scary. It's tough to get terrified by old-school movies like The Brain That Wouldn't Die, The Evil Brain from Outer Space, and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians when we live in an era of ultra-dark, violent and disturbing cinema. But modern horror is rarely as much fun as the B-movie stuff, and Dr. Zombie taps into the rich tradition of Elvira, Vampira, and Morgus the Magnificent as he showcases his titles with an over-the-top, campy glee. He boasts a lot about his plans for world domination, but his reality is far less sinister, tapping into a time when scary movies were more about suspending disbelief and having a real killer, ghoulish time.
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Dain Quentin Gore
Dain Quentin Gore

Congrats Tommy!! See you next Friday (or sooner)!

PS Morgus is on Coast-to-Coast every once in awhile...George Noory is a huge fan.