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Best Hotel Pool Phoenix 2011 - The Clarendon Hotel

The Clarendon Hotel

The Clarendon Hotel

401 W. Clarendon Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85013


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Readers' Choice: The Phoenician
If you're just looking to swim in some treated water, any hotel pool in the Valley will do. But if you're looking for a bona fide swimming experience — complete with multi-sensory special effects — then the Clarendon's pool is the only place to go. This boutique hotel's got the most impressive pool area in town, "The Oasis." In addition to being a work of art, complete with a 20-foot-tall glass water wall and a Sicis Italian mural with platinum and gold accents, the pool is state of the art. It features underwater speakers, water jet massagers, a jacuzzi that accommodates more than 50 people, and bubbling fountains. At night, the pool looks particularly majestic, as nearly a thousand stars become illuminated on the pool bottom. If that doesn't sound hedonistic enough for you, there's also a bar inside that serves fine wine and offers free Wi-Fi, so you can surf the Net for naughty pictures. But we have a feeling that the pool will get your undivided attention.
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Dell Ledermann
Dell Ledermann

I searched for pictures of The Clarendon Hotel, and I was amazed. ;) The pool is so cute with its multi-sensory effects. I'm very fond of dipping in Jacuzzis and just relaxing. Anyway, please do update us more about the hotel. :)


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