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Best Latin DJ Phoenix 2011 - DJ Enigma

Readers' Choice: DJ Kyko
To the uninitiated, the life of a DJ may seem like one of total bliss. He works easy hours, gets to spin the latest hits while soaking up the adulation of club kids, and rakes in the hotties. Although some of these benefits of being a beat-master prove true (well, for the most part), there are also plenty of aggravations to go along with the job. Like when shifty club owners steal your gear, renege on money owed, or cancel your night after only a few weeks. Raul Guerra has endured such drama throughout his decade-long career on the decks but still possesses enough chutzpah, wherewithal, and passion for Latin music to keep on staging spin gigs in discotecas across the Valley. Guerra's worked a slew of local joints, including such hotspots as Axis/Radius and Club Tropicana in Scottsdale, Glendale's Kumbala Bar, La Taverna, Club Rain, and DWNTWN (just to name a few). He's also maintained an eight-year residence at Sky Lounge, dropping rock and pop en español along with Latin dance jams every Friday night. From the DJ booth, he paints from a vibrant musical palette, mixing pop hits from Elefantes and Los Enanitos Verdes with sweltering dance tracks from such sirens as Paulina Rubio and Shakira.
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Skylounge Latinfridays
Skylounge Latinfridays

Hi, I'm DJ Enigma, I just want to say thanks and I'm very happy, thanks again NewTimes, and thanks to all who like my style ...