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Best Neighborhood Bar, Southeast Valley Phoenix 2011 - What the Hell Bar & Grill

What the Hell Bar & Grill

What the Hell Bar & Grill

7303 E. Main St.

Apache Junction, AZ 85207


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Given its location in the dusty fringes of the Valley, it isn't surprising that a curious cross-section of society rendezvous at this Apache Junction juke joint. Much like in the fabled cantina in Star Wars, What the Hell is a bizarre bazaar, populated by beefy bikers, crusty desert denizens, duded-up cowboys, and Ed Hardy-clad 20-somethings. This mixing of the masses takes place within the expansive interior or at the elongated bar, where the collection of people who've made their way to the bar bond over a shared appreciation for all things alcoholic. Patrons shout their orders over the din of the hard rock and country bands performing on the corner stage, while sassy-pants barmaids gleefully serve such specials as $2.50 drafts, wells, and shots. It's the kind of bargain that even a scoundrel like Han Solo would dig.
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