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Best Neighborhood Pizzeria, Downtown Phoenix Phoenix 2011 - Cibo Urban Wine Cafe & Pizzeria

Cibo Urban Wine Cafe & Pizzeria

Cibo Urban Wine Cafe & Pizzeria

603 N. Fifth Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85003


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For so long, people have loved to loathe downtown Phoenix. Working downtown is bad enough, they scoff, but actually living in the center of the city? Perish the thought! Why, there's no decent grocery store, nowhere to park, you have to step around crackheads to get into Circle K to pay for gas. (Gee, sounds like a real city to us.) But there's one thing downtown Phoenix has that your neighborhood doesn't: Cibo. Not only does this sweet old house have a gorgeous bar and a twinkle-lit brick patio, Cibo's chef serves up some of the best wood-fired pizza this side of Naples. We'd put Cibo's thin, tasty crust up against anyone's. Top it with fresh mozzarella and off-the-vine tomato sauce — and take that, suburbia. Because Cibo serves pizza only at night (meaning if you commuters come at lunch), you'll be greeted with a salad/sandwich menu.
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wow way to make my neighborhood (that's not a shithole) sound like a complete shithole. It's like you said "this place sucks, but it has a good pizza joint."

You lost some of my respect, NT.


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