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Best New Boutique Phoenix 2011 - Saint 22 - CLOSED

Saint 22

Saint 22

1507 W. Thomas Road

Phoenix, AZ 85007


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The neatest little shop in all of Phoenix offers a little bit of everything —including a pair of flight attendants, who recently opened their dream boutique on West Thomas Road — and it's fast become our dream boutique, as well. Wedged into a cozy space right across the street from Phoenix College, Saint 22 offers candles, handmade soap, jewelry, handbags, ceramics, and a ton of artwork and handcrafts made by local artists. Among Saint 22's specialties is a wide variety of fancy yarns and knitting supplies — all of it displayed beautifully in a constantly changing pile of cool stuff. As if that weren't enough, the guys at Saint 22 have called in a lot of local experts to teach us all how to craft and knit and crochet and, well, if this weren't the best boutique around, we'd start thinking about opening our own!
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I simply love handmade handicrafts. They are unique and exquisite and some designs are even one in a million. Saint 22 is a definite must-go pitstop for craft enthusiasts out there who will get a chance to view hundreds of handicrafts by local artistes all under one roof and have the opportunity to learn from them the intricate skills of creating their handmade crafts. The items in the store are also showcased in a one-of-a-kind display that are constantly, making it interesting on each visit.