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Best Place to See a Metal Show Phoenix 2011 - Club Red

Club Red

1308 W. University Dr.

Mesa, AZ 85201


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There is a variety of music on display at Club Red, from indie rock to hip-hop, but the bar really shines when it comes to heavy metal. Saturday nights at the East Tempe venue crackle with the smell of Aquanet-stiff hairdos. Rockers like Y&T and Dizzy Reed of Guns 'n' Roses share the massive stage with tribute acts like The Rÿche and Hollywood Saints, evoking a time when guitar solos were king and the coolest dudes looked a lot like the hottest chicks. The fact that there's a Waffle House located in the same plaza doesn't hurt — scattered and covered hash browns are the perfect end to a night of fret-board histrionics and booze.
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Zecharias Kuhn
Zecharias Kuhn

um, the clubhouse and the marquee are 10000000x better than club red.


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