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Best Place to Find or Become a Medical Marijuana Caregiver Phoenix 2011 - AzGrowPro

If you're a valid, card-holding medical-marijuana patient unable to procure your own medication, AzGrowPro has got you covered. This company connects patients with caregivers and has several certified caregivers ready to assist patients in the procurement and delivery of medical marijuana. AzGrowPro says its caregivers have access to "award-winning strains from Europe and California's finest," and it even offers assistance in paying potential patients' application fees. People who are looking to become caregivers can also work with AzGrowPro to find patients. The company will help potential caregivers complete their applications and find clients to refer for caregivers who already have their medical-marijuana cards. They even offer education on growing methods and creating edible marijuana products.
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Corey Miller
Corey Miller

this can truly help patients in Arizona.