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Best Place to Let Your Nerd Flag Fly Phoenix 2011 - Nerd Nite, Carly's Bistro

Nerd Nite, Carly\'s Bistro

Nerd Nite, Carly's Bistro

128 E. Roosevelt St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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Nerds of the world, unite! Oh, wait, you already did. From Amsterdam to Austin, self-proclaimed nerds are gathering at bars and restaurants to drink and, as they put it, "learn something." And Phoenix is no exception. The new-ish chapter of this oh-so-informal club meets at Carly's Bistro on Roosevelt Row. Topics so far have included "Dialogues between Science and Literature," the story of "audience modeling software," and one we're really sorry we missed — our own Serene Dominic on the virtues of "the best rock band of all time," The Osmonds?!?! We just gotta say it: nerd alert! In a good way, of course.
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