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Best Place to Spot a Stencil Phoenix 2011 - Northeast corner of Fourth and Garfield streets

Sure, there are plenty of sidewalk spots and electrical boxes in Phoenix that are decorated by a few secretive street artists in town.

But when we want to see something fresh and impressive, we head to the northeast corner of Fourth and Garfield streets. Just behind reBAR, around the corner from the fading Soldierleisure mural, there?s an abandoned, red-brick building whose boarded-up windows serve as frames for some of our favorite stencils. Artists Nomas and SIKE have been here ? HMPH and CITIZEN, too.

They?ve sprayed Madonnas, monikers, gorillas, and political messages onto the building?s plywood and paper-pasted front door, and they?ve given us a sure-fire spot to catch some seriously cool artwork.

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