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Best Place to Urinate in Public Phoenix 2011 - The Blarney Stone, Casey Moore's Oyster House

The Blarney Stone, Casey Moore\'s Oyster House

The Blarney Stone, Casey Moore's Oyster House

850 S. Ash Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85281


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We've all been there. You're at Casey's, drinking what started out as one pint of IPA. It quickly turns to two and, then, God knows how many. What is certain is the raging flood of urine currently threatening to saturate your pants if you don't get up and do something about it. Pushing your way through the throng of bar-goers to make it inside seems impossible. Your only option? The blarney stone. This outdoor wall stained by the liquid leavings of countless drunks before you and shielded slap-dash by a piece of fence is your ticket to relief. Pee on the Blarney Stone knowing full well that the tremendous sense of happiness you experience will feel just as sweet the next time you have to take a leak.
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