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Best Pro-Civil Rights Pastor Phoenix 2011 - Dr. Warren H. Stewart Sr.

The Book of Matthew tells us, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." Every time we hear that passage of scripture, we can't help but think of Pastor Warren H. Stewart Sr. of Phoenix's First International Baptist Church. A doctor of divinity, Stewart thirsts for righteousness like no one else we know, calling on the powerful tradition of spiritual leadership and social advocacy that's characteristic of African-American churches.

With impassioned sermons from the pulpit and speeches at civil rights demonstrations, Stewart led the fight two decades ago for an Arizona holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. Now, he helps lead the fight against anti-immigrant sentiment in this state, joining forces with Latinos and people of all colors who demand righteousness when it comes to the treatment of the undocumented. In the case of the King holiday, Stewart's "thirst" was slaked in 1992 after years of struggle. Which gives promise that one day, his "hunger" for immigration reform will also be fulfilled.

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timeout: hanh-hanh- stick to your spots- rebmmm dr. warren h. stewart sr.- politician-not- you are mos def not reverend either- their is but one who is reverend- Jehovah elohim= lord god- creator-psalms:111 vs. 9 and ephesians: 4 vs- 11- separation of church and state per the bill of rights- prohibits you from being a politician- recognize-


I'm proud to say I've known Rev. Stewart.  We first met in the 1970's when I was a student at ASU.  I knew he was a great man then and he has continued to be that.

Judge Henry G. Watkins
Judge Henry G. Watkins

Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr., is the real deal. He is a scholar with a common touch. On meeting him you can expect him to clasp your hand and embrace you with a smile. If you talk to him, he listens. Maybe that's why he fights for basic human rights. He has not elevated himself above the voices and needs of the people. And, even when he disagrees with you he respects your point of view. The New Times made a good call in selecting him in this category.Judge & Mrs. Henry G. Watkins


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