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Best Right Hook Phoenix 2011 - Aubry Ballard

Even Mike Tyson doesn't pack a punch powerful enough to cause someone to lose his leadership position in the state Senate. Aubry Ballard, the former flame of onetime Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard, however, does. Ballard and Bundgaard went a few rounds on the side of a Valley freeway in February as they were driving home from a charity event. Details of the fight are sketchy, but Ballard suffered some cuts and bruises. After getting socked by Ballard, however, not only did Bundgaard have a pretty nice shiner, he went from being one of the most powerful people in the Senate to losing his leadership gig and getting charged with assault. In the end, Bundgaard avoided jail time ? but he does have to serve out the remainder of his term in office. Probably.
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Sam Albright
Sam Albright

I'm ashamed of Phoenix New Times. This is making a mockery of a victim who had to defend herself. The only reason he will not remain a Senator very much longer is because of his continual diarrhea of the mouth, the lies, the changing of stories. How dare Phoenix New Times turn this into a laughing matter. Don't you think we give the victim a break?


Wow, you guys must REALLY get off on capitalizing on physical abuse against women. Unless you know the entire story AND I MEAN the ENTIRE TRUE STORY (This man beat his ex-wife on their honeymoon and she had to hide, call the police and eventually get a quick divorce, not to mention other women who came forward on his lies and physical abuse) I'm sorry is THIS the same paper that has been writing numerous articles on how much Scott Bundgard was an abuser? AND how FIVE, count them FIVE witnesses came forward that they 'SAW HIM BEATING HER"?!! I'm assuming whoever made this decision is not married nor do they have a sister(s) or daughter, because IF you did you would NEVER EVER allow this 'AWARD' to be granted to someone who clearly is having a really hard time after she was not only abused mentally and phsically by this man, but also by the media. I would "re-think" this deplorable AWARD. Victoria McGrath~Scottsdale, AZ