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Best Secret Treasures at the Library Phoenix 2011 - Burton Barr Central Library

Burton Barr Central Library

Burton Barr Central Library

1221 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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Pssst. There's secret treasure at the library. And you don't even have to leave your house to find some of it.

No, really. You can, thanks to the nice folks at the Phoenix Public Library, take an online class from the comfort and convenience of your own home. You can choose from aromatherapy, digital photography, book publishing, Buddhism, freshwater fishing, criminal profiling, yoga, and more than 500 other classroom topics. Classes are self-paced with real instructors who offer video-based lessons, graded tests, and certificates of achievement. Library customers can enroll in up to five courses at one time, and take six months to finish each course. All you need is a library card and the ability to click on "Learning and Research" at And just like that, you're on your way to an accredited course in something you care about.

For those of us less likely to traffic in the ether, there's the distinguished permanent collection of art at Burton Barr Central Library. Displayed in public locations throughout the building's five stories, the collection includes such big-name artists as Fritz Scholder, Ed Mell, Shonto Begay, John Waddell, Merrill Mahaffey, and Paolo Soleri.

A separate collection in the Central Library's Center for Children's Literature (a hidden treasure in itself, with more than 3,800 pieces of classic literature and an extensive collection of folk and fairy tales) features a collection of original works by award-winning local artist/illustrators Ron Himler, Sylvia Long, Lynne Avril, Amanda Shepherd, and Michael Lacapa.

For folks who aren't into art but do love Arizona, the Arizona Room at Central Library is, in honor of the approaching centennial, pumping up its collection of non-circulating materials about all aspects of our state: archeology, architecture, history, geography, geology, famous Arizonans, current events, and more. Who knew that there were so many files in the Arizona room devoted expressly to all the movies that have been shot here over the years? Or that the collection of oral histories of Arizona-based Holocaust survivors was so extensive?

We didn't, but we do now — and it's a secret we don't plan to keep, either.

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Friedrich Paul Berg
Friedrich Paul Berg

Hey, "holocaust survivors"--let's have a debate between you folks and me. Surely, since you "survived" the holocaust, you can survive a radio debate with me. The Nazis took damned good care of you. Tell the truth. They NEVER even tried to kill you in the first place. Try to not to be the cowardly liars that I know you are.

You "survived" because the Nazis wanted you to survive. They fed you, gave you shelter, medical care, clean lice-free clothing, security as best they could and so much more.

Friedrich Paul Berghoaxbuster@earthlink.netSee my website also: www.nazigassings.comNazi Gassings Never Happened!

Friedrich Paul Berg
Friedrich Paul Berg

10 Trick Questions for “Holocaust Survivors”

Holocaust survivors are like zombies. After all, that's how they survived—right? If they look like zombies even sixty years after the war, like Elie Wiesel does, all the better. It makes their horror tales all the more compelling. They are still human, at least partially—but they have been programmed to lie with great skill omitting inconvenient facts in order to boost the holocaust mythology. And of course, they avoid serious questioning by people who are not totally sympathetic and programmed themselves. How dare anyone ever doubt their stories. It all brings them endless rewards. It also excuses the crimes and real atrocities of their fellow Jews, especially in the Middle East.

1. When did you enter a concentration camp or labor camp and when did you leave? 2. How old were you when you entered? 3. What job skills did you have if any? 4. What did you actually do throughout your incarceration in such camps? 5. Were you fed and how often? 6. Were you given shelter? 7. Were you given clean clothing and how often? 8. Were you ever too ill to work and were you given medical care? 9. For how long were you ever unable to work? 10, Why do you believe the Germans had ever wanted to kill you?

The trick questions are not really tricky at all. They are simply the kinds of normal and reasonable questions that defense attorneys should always ask prosecution witnesses. However, we have all been so thoroughly programmed with holocaust propaganda that hardly anyone ever dares to ask the right questions. The zombies are like saints. The real "trick" is to simply ask the questions!

Friedrich Paul BergLearn everything at http://www.nazigassings.comNazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!

Frtiedrich Paul Berg
Frtiedrich Paul Berg

The reason the collection of "oral histories of Arizona-based Holocaust survivors was so extensive" is that ALL of these people had, in fact, been kept a-l-i-v-e by the Nazis. That should be obvious to anyone who is not brain-dead. If the Nazis had been trying to exterminate those people, there would be no such histories.

The question I have for all "survivors" is: “If the Nazis had really been trying to kill them, how did they possibly survive?”

There are still today hundreds of thousands of so-called "holocaust survivors" including many thousands who spent time in Auschwitz. ALL of them are, in fact, living p-r-o-o-f (not merely “evidence”) for the simple fact that there was absolutely no attempt by the Germans to exterminate the Jews of Europe. All were kept alive by the Germans with food, water, shelter, medical care, clean clothing (free of lice), security and so much more. If the intended victims had simply been denied any of those essential ingredients, they would have died without any need for gas chambers or mass shootings. The "survivors" had in fact been treated rather well by the Nazis under the horrific circumstances that the Allies had imposed on everyone in German-occupied Europe. So, stop lying!

Let's have a debate about it—with me and not just with brainwashed, innocent school children. Surely, the New Times can help arrange such a public debate with sufficient police security and wide public interest in this enormously important subject.

Friedrich Paul BergLearn everything at my websiteNazi Gassings Never Happened!