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Best Sissy Preacher Phoenix 2011 - "Pastor" Steven Anderson

Faithful Word Baptist Church "Pastor" Steven Anderson's fear of faygelehs is well documented. He's perhaps best known for praying that President Barack Obama would die of cancer because he "has wrought lewdness in America." Anderson's highway of hate recently led him to teen pop star Justin Bieber, whom Anderson recently compared to a "sissified, effeminate twinkie." Anderson's got a problem with "metro-Christians," and was spouting off about the difference between feminine and effeminate when he started bashing Bieber during a recent sermon. Some call a fascination with Bieber's sexuality "Bieber Fever." In Anderson's case, it's just the ramblings of self-loathing, homophobic lunatic who seems a little too interested in the sexuality of a teenage boy — if you catch our drift.
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If Anderson compares Justin Bieber to a "sissified, effeminate twinkie." can I compare Anderson to a "creepy, jealous pedophile"? bc that's most grown men who hate Justin Bieber ... And judging by the way Anderson looks, he most likely is a pedo. Also, the fact that he stood and stared at a Justin Bieber poster makes him even more a pedo.