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Best Sports Bar, Tempe Phoenix 2011 - Boulders on Broadway

Boulders on Broadway

Boulders on Broadway

530 W. Broadway Road

Tempe, AZ 85282


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Readers' Choice: Four Peaks Brewing Company
"Sports bar" can be a generic term, but at Boulders on Broadway, the designation truly fits. The bar is stuffed with bikers — not the leather-sporting, tattooed, and bearded types, but the toned and slim bicyclist variety, along with all sorts of sporty, fit athletes-cum-hipsters. It's easy to see the appeal. The multi-floor bar and eatery boasts a massive beer selection (25 on tap and 75 additional brews available in bottles), as well as a menu of pizzas and sandwiches. It's generally hearty fare, but when everyone is jogging, hiking, biking, or roller-blading to the bar, you get the sense that any unnecessary calories are burned off in no time.
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Lousy idea having one end of place with HD television and the other without. You have to decide between viewing excellence vs finding out 2nd hand what happens during a sporting event, since the HD broadcast is 2-3 seconds delayed. You hear cheering then you know in advance you're about to get to watch something exciting. Definitely not the place to go to watch a Dbacks game, especially game 5 vs Brewers.