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Best Sushi Phoenix 2011 - Shimogamo Japanese Restaurant

Shimogamo Japanese Restaurant

Shimogamo Japanese Restaurant

2051 W. Warner Road

Chandler, AZ 85224


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Usually, we stay fairly close to home when we're heading out for sushi. That is, until we tried Shimogamo. Now, we have no problem driving out to the southwest corner of the Asian-centric intersection of Warner and Ray in Chandler. This tiny storefront, connected to C-Fu Gourmet, won us over immediately — from the talkative and friendly sushi chef and the ever-gracious owner and his wife (they are Japanese immigrants, unlike many owners of Valley sushi joints, who tend to be from South Korea or China) to the beautiful and classic sashimi, nigiri, and maki. Try the buttery salmon and escolar sashimi. We especially enjoyed the mackerel, presented as sashimi, but with the rest of the body flash-cooked and sculpted with a torch and placed in a bed of daikon to make it appear as though it were jumping out of the water. We gobbled it all up. Gimmicky sushi rolls are not Shimogamo's game, as the restaurant focuses on the traditional. That's okay with us. That just tells us Shimogamo is the real deal.
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Traveled all over Asia, this place is the real deal... might be a bit pricey, but that's because the quality is so high!

Jeff LaBelle
Jeff LaBelle

Just for the record - Warner and Ray do not intersect in Chandler - this place is at Dobson and Warner.


Shimogamo is delicious. Hiro Sushi in scottsdale is better. Better prices and quality.

But shimo is really nice, great ambiance.


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