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Best TV Journalist Phoenix 2011 - Mike Watkiss

This mighty mite stands out as a welcome dinosaur in an ugly biz that favors the young and the pretty, the easy soundbite, and the superficial. Watkiss sure knows how to sink his teeth into a yarn and not let go until he's good and ready. Case in point has been his obsessive coverage of polygamist pervert Warren Jeffs and his renegade Mormon sect: Watkiss and our former colleague John Dougherty were the only two reporters on that wild case for years, and they moved the narrative forward like good old-fashioned muckrakers. Watkiss (and the rest of us) are fortunate that Channel 3 encourages him to spend endless hours doing real journalism. End result? A great storyteller gets to tell great stories — and we're all the better for it.
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Mike Watkiss
Mike Watkiss

Thanks New Times...I love what I do...and I greatly appreciate the you are absolutely right in acknowledging the brilliant work of John Dougherty...I believe John should have won a Pulitzer for his coverage of Warren Jeffs and his FDLS Church...and I too am grateful to Channel 3 for allowing a rough-edged, eccentric old reporter like me the freedom to pursue the stories that I think are important...Mike Watkiss