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Best TV Newscaster Phoenix 2011 - John Hook

Readers' Choice: Beverly Kidd
Plastic hair, shiny suits, lackluster "reporting," and corny jokes: That's what you can typically expect from a local TV news guy. KSAZ's John Hook is the exception to that rule. While KPHO ends every spoon-fed segment with a reporter squawking about how he's "telling it like it is," John Hook actually questions what politicians say to him. For example, when Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu wrote off New Times as a "conspiracy theory newspaper," Hook was quick to jump in and point out to the sheriff that "In New Times' defense, Sheriff Babeu, they have done some of the best journalism in this town over the years. I mean, they've broken some big, big stories." His defense of New Times aside, Hook is an honest, hard-hitting journalist — not an empty suit whose only talent is reading from a teleprompter. Though he's not bad at that, either.
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David H. Howell
David H. Howell

On your 9:00pm report, you said that you didn't understand all the "hoopla" surrounding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration. What's so difficult to understand? It's a major part of their culture. Nobody has any trouble understanding Cinco de Mayo.