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Best Underground After-Hours Open Mic Phoenix 2011 - The VYBe at Suite Twentyfive

If we were to just give you the address of this sweet underground artist venue, it would take the fun out of being cool enough to know about the spot and the late-night musical magic happening within. There's no doubt that a cool vibe is very much required to attend The VYBe at Suite Twentyfive, but you can start by searching for owner Melissa Howard and the event page on Facebook. On the second Saturday of every month, host Serena Richardson or "Wisdom" and crew, Terrance James, Kevan Aaron & James Przewoski, invite poets, musicians, rappers and artists to come together for an open-mic after-hours jam session. With live entertainment from some of the Valley's most talented local musicians, homemade BBQ and a room dedicated to movie watching, we guarantee it's the best $10 you will ever spend after 2 a.m. But we're leaving it up to you to find it.
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After 6 long years of hardwork and perserverence, scoffers, non believers, and rotating venues no matter where we're at, daytime, nightime, rain, sleet, snow, or shine The VYBe iz LIVE! Thank you Phoenix New Times for personally choosing and FEELING "The VYBe"! ~Wisdom , Owner/Creator of The VYBe