La Vida

  • Best Hidden Reminder That Borders Don't Last

    Monument Hill

    A hard-to-find monument on top of a hill in the Southwest Valley stands as a reminder that massive swaths of Arizona and the Southwest region of this country once belonged to Mexico. But it was all lost during the Mexican War, fought from 1846 to 1848. The site, known as Monument Hill, is just east of the Phoenix International Raceway track… More >>
  • Best Cultural Event You Never Knew About

    Deer Dance in Guadalupe

    Gringos around here think they know the score when it comes to our neighbors' rituals. We're all about Dia de los Muertos, the November 1 celebration of the dearly departed. Even if you've never been south of the border, chances are good that you have some Day of the Dead tchotchkes around the house, even made sugar skulls with the… More >>
  • Best "Forbidden" Grain


    Amaranth is one of the indigenous staples of Mesoamerica, but here in Phoenix, we looked high and low for creative uses of the 8,000-year-old Mexican grain and came away disappointed. Spaniards outlawed the cultivation and consumption of amaranth because the Aztecs used it in ceremonies worshipping "false idols" not recognized by the Catholic Church. Despite being sustainable, very high in… More >>
  • Best Place to Hide an Undocumented Immigrant

    Turf Paradise

    It's well known that more than a few workers who tend to the grounds and animals at Turf Paradise don't exactly come correct with their pay-pers. In 2008, about 100 employees at the racetrack faced termination and deportation because they remained employed after federal authorities turned down their visa applications. But Maricopa County Joe Arpaio, America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff," didn't… More >>
  • Best Nativity in a Garage

    Father Jorge Rodríguez Eagar, spiritual director

    Father Jorge Eagar is well known in the Valley's Hispanic community for leading Tempe's Shrine of Holy Wisdom, a ministry of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch-Malabar. Officially unaffiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, the Catholic Apostolic Church is an independent religious sect that embraces classic Catholic ritual and regalia, but is far more ecumenical and all-encompassing when it comes… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Edible Crickets

    Oaxaca Restaurant - CLOSED

    The corner of 12th Street and Dunlap Road doesn't exactly look like a hotspot for Mexican food, but tucked within Let It Roll Bowl is the new location of the old Mini Mercado Oaxaca. It's now called Oaxaca Restaurant, and though it does serve bowling staples like pizza, fries, and ice cream (don't eat these — the Mexican food is… More >>
  • Best Sonora-Meets-Scottsdale Hot Dog

    El Hefe

    If the tableside taps, hot pink accents, and mural of a sexy chica with guns and tattoos a-blazing don't clue you in, El Hefe blends the chic, trendy ambiance of a typical Old Town bar with Latino machismo. The same can be said for the El Hefe Dog, a Kobe beef wiener wrapped in bacon and smothered with plump charro… More >>
  • Best Sonoran Hot Dog

    Nogales Hot Dogs

    The Great Bacon Craze of '09-'11 seems (thankfully) to be coming to an end, but if there's one place bacon still reigns supreme, it's lovingly wrapped around a Sonoran-style hot dog at Nogales Hot Dogs. At Nogales Hot Dogs they serve one thing and one thing only: mesquite-smoked, bacon-wrapped hot dogs loaded with toppings. This is not a sit-down restaurant,… More >>
  • Best Quickie Mexican Breakfast

    Guerrero's Mexican Food - CLOSED

    Breakfast burritos are well and good, but they can be snooze-worthy, hardly enough to rouse us from a deep sleep. Platters of perfect chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and chorizo con huevos, on the other hand? We're up and gunning for the door. Get your pants on, already! Guerrero's is a small shop that opens at 7 a.m. and offers a dozen… More >>
  • Best Latin Brunch

    Ticoz Resto-Bar

    We spend all week eating yogurt and fruit for breakfast so that when the weekend rolls around, a bit of indulgence can be forgiven. When we're craving a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs morning meal with a Latin twist, Ticoz's weekend brunch is the only thing that satisfies. This chic, trendy lounge transforms into a classy mid-morning venue to linger over a rich… More >>
  • Best Mexican Lunch

    Los Compadres

    Cheap Mexican places are a dime a dozen, but not every location smells so good from the parking lot that we need only follow our noses to the entrance. And does the nose ever know. Los Compadres is a humble, family-owned Mexican joint that offers some of our favorite lunchtime specials, all priced at six bucks or less. Be forewarned… More >>
  • Best Upscale Mexican Restaurant

    The Mission

    Mexican food doesn't have to mean burritos and tacos. One meal at The Mission in Scottsdale will dispel this notion completely, and do it with exotic Latin flair. We recommend you start with a blood orange or pomegranate margarita and an order of the guacamole, which is made tableside to your specifications and includes one of our crunchy favorites, pepitas.… More >>
  • Best Use of Indigenous Ingredients


    We're generally as happy eating indigenous ingredients like nopales (cactus) out of the back of a roach coach as we are supping at a fine-dining location. One exception to this rule is Kai, a restaurant dedicated to locally produced indigenous ingredients like cholla buds, aloe vera, saguaro blossoms, mesquite bean meal, huitlacoche syrup, and more. The food, ambiance, and service… More >>
  • Best Mexican Fusion

    Chino Bandido

    We've all had days when it's downright hard to decide where to go to dinner, but the next time you're thinking of uttering the infuriating, "I don't know. What do you want to eat?" just quit the wavering and hit up Chino Bandido. Where else will you find Chinese BBQ pork, chiles rellenos, egg foo yung, and machaca all on… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, Central Phoenix

    Tacos Atoyac - CLOSED

    Despite the number of Mexican eateries in the Valley, Sonoran-style food still reigns supreme. Stumbling upon a place that specializes in Oaxacan moles and other edibles can be a much-needed break from tired but true Sonoran fare. Tacos Atoyac at 19th and Glendale avenues is the real Oaxacan deal, and it just opened this year, so it still has that… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, Downtown Phoenix

    Tacos de Juarez

    When do you find yourself downtown and hungry? First Friday. When you're cruising FF and it feels like one more gallery exhibit might make you scream, talk your crew into heading over to Seventh Street and Roosevelt to Tacos de Juarez. It's a bit off the beaten path in terms of First Friday foot traffic, so you won't encounter a… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, South Phoenix


    Pitic certainly isn't much to look at from the outside, but that's generally the case with hole-in-the-wall Mexican joints. If you can get past the industrial surroundings, you'll be treated to a bright and cheerful interior packed with colorful folk art — and complete with some pretty awesome Mexican food. Chiles rellenos, tacos, burritos like tu madre used to make,… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, North Phoenix

    Los Reyes de la Torta

    Los Reyes de la Torta is the king of Mexican food in North Phoenix. It's good solo or for an entire family, and if we lived in Sunnyslope, we would definitely eat here on the reg. We love eating in and watching the hustle and bustle from the open kitchen, while indulging in a cold cerveza or a tall aguas… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, West Valley


    Pedro's may not look like much from the outside, but upon entering, you'll be greeted with pure old-school, Sonoran-style Mexican charm. Chimichangas the size of a newborn baby, half-pound tamale masa bombs, enchiladas afloat in a sea of spicy red sauce, and a guarantee that everything will be absolutely smothered in piping hot cheese. For more than 30 years, this… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, Southeast Valley

    Maria's Mexican Food

    Once you hit the suburbs, it's easy to be overwhelmed by chain restaurants, so we like to support our independents out there even more. But with a place like Maria's Mexican Food, it's not principle alone that keeps us coming back for more. It's the amazing California burrito that has us hooked: steak and potatoes, Mexican-style, wrapped up with seriously… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, Tempe

    Casa Reynoso

    Casa Reynoso is a Tempe institution that epitomizes the homey charm of neighborhood mom 'n' pop Mexican. Tucked away from traffic in the corner of a mostly deserted strip mall (where Fry's and Jack in the Box are the big-ticket attractions), word of mouth and a longstanding reputation for churning out Arizona-style Mexican food keeps business brisk. The Reynosos use… More >>
  • Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, Scottsdale

    Huauchinango Mexican Grill - CLOSED

    When we're craving real-deal, Mexico City-style Mexican food, Huauchinango is the only way to sate the craving. Sopas, tlacoyos, huaraches, and plenty of other menu items may have you scratching your head at first glance, but pull out your best Spanglish and figure out what all of these lovely options are, because it's Mexican comfort food done right. Our favorite… More >>
  • Best Salsa

    La Condesa Gourmet Taco Shop

    At La Condesa Gourmet Taco Shop, the tacos are pretty tasty, but it's the brilliant salsa bar that keeps us coming back for more. We seriously have dreams of the pecan salsa. A dozen colorful sweet and savory salsas are on full display to enhance your already gourmet eats. Tried-and-true pico de gallo, tomatillo, and chipotle salsas share space with… More >>
  • Best Tortillas


    Carolina's sets the standard for flour tortillas in the Valley. In a land where Mexican food is found on every corner, we use these giant, tender 'tillas as the baseline for excellence. It's really not fair to the competitors. Carolina's has won "Best Tortillas" more times than we can recall, and with good reason. The tortillas are made in-house and… More >>
  • Best Tamales

    Molly's Tamales

    Molly's Tamales is a small mom 'n' pop shop in the heart of Glendale that features a huge variety of tamales, from the traditional to the more exotic salmon or nopalito. There are even a couple of sweet tamales to satisfy the dessert-lover, like "roxy road" (choco-mallow) or pineapple with raisins. All of Molly's Tamales are made lard- and shortening-free… More >>
  • Best Chiles Rellenos

    Dick's Hideaway

    Dick's Hideaway's modern New Mexican eats include some pretty amazing chiles rellenos. You won't find any heavy, cheese-stuffed poblano peppers breaded and deep-fried here. At Dick's, the New Mexican take on the traditional rellenos come packed with your choice of five different fillings, and since you get two per relleno plate, you get to mix and match. They still have… More >>
  • Best Tacos

    La Salsita

    Tacos may well be the perfect food — but not all tacos are created equal. Pre-formed taco shells? Cafeteria swill. Deep-fried tacos? We'll leave those to Jack in the Box. Street tacos? Now we're talking. Double-lined corn tortillas wrapped around mounds of succulent meat. And at La Salsita, there's way more than the standard chicken, pork, or beef. Skip the… More >>
  • Best Pollo Asado

    El Pollo Supremo

    At El Pollo Supremo, there are only two things on the menu: meat and more meat. You can choose between the standard carne asada or our favorite, the electric red pollo asado. This odd take on traditional grilled chicken gets its neon red color courtesy of achiote paste, and its smoky char from a quick stint on the grill. The… More >>
  • Best Burritos

    La Frontera

    Food trucks are trendy now, but before gourmet hot dogs and crème brûlée hit the streets, La Frontera Comida Mexicana was on the scene slinging Mexican food out of the back of a food truck. And La Frontera consistently churns out some of the best burritos in the Valley. Grab some cash (plastic will be declined) and saddle up to… More >>
  • Best Carne Asada

    Sonora Mesquite Grill - CLOSED

    Sonora Mesquite Grill serves the self-proclaimed "Best Carne Asada This Side of the Border," and we're inclined to agree. Sonoran-style steak marinated and grilled to juicy perfection — the flavor is slightly sweet from the citrus marinade (laced with cumin and chiles) and smoky (from a hot mesquite grill). Create a carne asada sampler platter out of the two-taco plate… More >>
  • Best Carne Adovada

    Los Dos Molinos

    There's a reason Los Dos Molinos is well known for bringing the heat to its New Mexican dishes, thanks in large part to the burns-so-good carne adovada, pork that is slow-cooked in garlic and red chile sauce until it practically melts in your mouth. Order the burrito or — even better — the carne adovada ribs. The first bite is… More >>
  • Best Cochinita Pibil

    Barrio Café

    At Barrio Café, you won't find standard, Sonoran-style Mexican fare. Instead of delivering burritos served with cheese-smothered refried beans, chef Silvana Salcido Esparza has created a menu of modern Mexican food for the urban masses. Complex and creative dishes like the cohinita pibil are what keep us coming back for more. The Yucatan stewed cochinita pibil is a mass of… More >>
  • Best Mariscos

    Mariscos Playa Hermosa

    Seafood in Arizona generally is the butt of a joke rather than the makings of a tasty night on the town. Mariscos Playa Hermosa is here to assuage our landlocked fears of consuming seafood in desert environs. The mariscos at Playa Hermosa are fresh and briny (in a good way). Take your pick of scallops, calamari, octopus, shrimp, mussels, and… More >>
  • Best Tortas

    Tortas Paquime

    Tortas are the Mexi-fied version of a lunchtime staple — the sandwich — with meat, cheese, and toppings piled high on a toasted telera roll. We're not talking run-of-the-mill cold cuts, though. At Tortas Paquime, they specialize in hot-from-the-grill carne asada, milanesa, and cochinita with fresh avocado, jalapeño, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Make sure to try the Torta Ahogada —… More >>
  • Best Mexican Grilled Cheese

    El Nopalito

    Grilled cheese sandwiches were generally reserved for greasy-spoon diners and kids' menus. Then we discovered pambazos, a Mexican take on the tired grilled cheese sandwich. At El Nopalito, order a pambazo and be treated to a huge, soft bun that is similar to the telera used for tortas. This bun is then dipped in a guajillo chile sauce that adds… More >>
  • Best Mexican Caldos

    Comedor Guadalajara

    Leave the tortilla soup behind. When we're craving Mexican soup (caldos), we look to Comedor Guadalajara to spice up the routine. And we mean literally, as some of their soups are muy picante. During lunch, you'll be treated to a complimentary bowl of soup with your combo, but it's the grande-size serving of caldo de albondigas that keeps us coming… More >>
  • Best Huitlacoche

    Los Sombreros

    If we came across blackened, bloated corncobs infected by huitlacoche in the wild, it's doubtful our first instinct would be to put them in our mouth. But to whoever first mustered up the cojones to pop a couple of these nightmarish kernels, we salute you. Los Sombreros follows in these brave footsteps by celebrating the earthy, mushroom-like flavor of these… More >>
  • Best Elote

    Gallo Blanco

    Elote translates to Mexican-style grilled corn on the cob, and it's where Gallo Blanco really delivers. Maybe not to your house, but definitely to your house. Gallo Blanco gussies an entire ear of sweet roasted corn with lime-infused mayonnaise that coats every kernel with a hint of citrus. The layer of mayo also acts as glue for a thin layer… More >>
  • Best Pupusas

    Salvadoreño Restaurant #3

    You live in Arizona and, therefore, are familiar with the standard corn tortilla. What may not be as familiar are pupusas, the Salvadoran take on the masa disks — they remind us of corn tortillas on steroids. At Salvadoreño, they offer up some of the meanest pupusas this side of the border, pumped to the max with ooey, gooey meat… More >>
  • Best Nopales

    El Tlacoyo

    Nopales (or nopalitos) are odd vegetables that you can't find at just any Mexican restaurant, but keep an eye out for something translated as "cactus" on a menu and you're in for a treat. Nopales are the processed, green pad of the prickly pear cactus. Instead of incurring multiple pricks trying to make DIY nopales, we recommend hitting up El… More >>
  • Best Mole

    Asi Es La Vida

    While Oaxaca claims to be the land of seven different moles, here in the Valley, we're pretty much stuck with one: black mole. Mexican chocolate, lots of chiles, sesame, and tomatillo are blended together to create a complex sauce that's savory and just slightly sweet. But with well over 20 ingredients and a laborious daylong prep, it's a complicated sauce… More >>
  • Best Panadería

    La Tolteca

    To call La Tolteca the best panadería (a.k.a. Mexican bakery) is just the tip of the iceberg when describing this Phoenix establishment. The dulce de leche churros (sugary cinnamon sticks filled with sweet caramel filling) are just one of the reasons we keep coming back to this sweet little bite of Mexican goodness. Handmade tortillas, cakes, cookies, and other sweet… More >>
  • Best Raspados

    Oasis Raspados

    Raspados are the Mexican version of the rainbow snow cones that have become a little slice of Americana. But instead of being bland, rock-hard sugar bombs, raspados are packed with chunks of fresh fruit. Tempted? Look no further than Oasis Raspados for a super-fruity concoction in such familiar flavors as strawberry, mango, or watermelon. After you've tried the basic fruit… More >>
  • Best Old-School Paletas

    Realeza Michoacana

    Sick of the rock-hard snow cones and corn syrup popsicles from your local ice cream man? Pack up the kids and take them to Realeza Michoacana instead, where they'll get a fresh fruity treat instead of an over-processed, syrupy sugar high. Paletas contain loads of fresh fruit in exotic flavor combos that your local ice cream truck probably doesn't bother… More >>
  • Best New-School Paletas

    Paletas Betty

    We won't name names, but someone we know is really into Otter Pops. Yes, those rainbow-hued sugar-water packets from our youth. Ugh. Clearly, this gentleman has never wrapped his tongue around a platano paleta. That's bananas Foster with homemade caramel and añejo rum to you, mister, and it freezes out all the ice pop competition. We have lusted after the… More >>
  • Best Aguas Frescas

    Los Reyes de la Torta

    Aguas frescas literally translates to "fresh waters" in English, and Los Reyes de la Torta has "the kings" right in its name. So naturally, when it comes to aguas, Los Reyes reigns supreme. Enjoy an impressive variety of jewel-toned aguas reminiscent of Kool-Aid, minus the sugar high and neon food coloring. Try the jamaica, a bright red hibiscus flower drink,… More >>
  • Best Spiked Aguas Frescas

    Gallo Blanco

    The only way to make the fresh cantaloupe and watermelon (among others) juices at Gallo Blanco — the restaurant at the hipper-than-thou Clarendon Hotel — is to add a healthy shot of tequila or vodka. So that's just what we do. It's very responsible: We're getting our vitamins. This is a healthy way to imbibe, right? Be sure to do… More >>
  • Best Margarita

    Los Dos Molinos

    There always is a wait, the staff isn't the friendliest, and the food is hot enough to burn every single taste bud from your tongue, but we keep finding our way back to the patio of this South Phoenix hot spot for its kick-ass house margarita. It isn't infused with lavender, there isn't a trace of rosewater, and the tequila… More >>
  • Best Specialty Margaritas

    Cien Agaves

    Cien Agaves lives up to its name, with 100 different types of tequila on hand, but it's the way Cien Agaves makes use of that tequila that really has us hooked. Prickly pear, hibiscus, cucumber, and mango margaritas all grace the menu, and they're all worth lingering over with a basket of chips and salsa on the side. We recommend… More >>
  • Best Margaritas by the Pitcher

    Mi Patio

    Colorful piñatas hanging from the ceiling and plastic parrots on the wall are all you need to see to know that Mi Patio's pitchers of margarita may not be made with top-shelf ingredients. But who wants to waste high-quality sipping tequila when your margs will be paired with decadent, deep-fried, cheese-smothered Sonoran food? The pitchers of margarita from Mi Patio… More >>
  • Best Illegal Double-Fisted Margarita


    We have been drinking at Z'Tejas for years, and our drink of choice has always been the Chambord Margarita. On a recent night out, we learned why. We'd just about finished one marg when our waitress kindly asked if we wanted another round. Yes, please. Not quite done with Marg #1, we sat back with both drinks before us, oblivious… More >>
  • Best Tequila

    Cruz Tequila

    ASU has a reputation for being a party school, but the three ASU alumni who own Cruz Tequila have created a refined sipping tequila that leaves Jose firmly in the collegiate past. Organic and au naturel ingredients are processed in Jalisco, Mexico, and this premium tequila doesn't rely on anything other than the real-deal agave to create its smoothness. No… More >>
  • Best Tequila Selection

    Canteen Modern Tequila Bar - CLOSED

    Canteen most definitely deserves the "modern" in its name, with contemporary design and a luxe atmosphere. The bar is particularly notable, decorated by upward of 100 types of various blanco, reposado, and añejo tequilas on display (with a bit of mescal added for good measure). To sweeten the deal, Canteen offers a daily "Halfy Hour," when their ridiculously huge tequila… More >>
  • Best Latin Night

    Privileged Fridays at Club Silver - CLOSED

    Sexy, swanky, and stylish duds are a virtual necessity if one hopes to get past the dour and discerning doormen outside the entrance to Club Silver on a Friday night. These black-shirted beefcakes don't look a thing like Clinton Kelly, but they'll definitely dispense advice on what not to wear with as much rancor as the fabulous, fashion-minded TV personality… More >>
  • Best Latin Club

    Sky Lounge

    During the day, Sky Lounge remains dark, vacant, and locked up tighter than the prescription pills at LiLo's house. After nightfall on Wednesdays through Sundays, however, both floors of the two-level downtown Phoenix discoteca come alive with colored lights, glowing video screens, hundreds of patrons, and a cacophonous cornucopia of Latin music. A steady stream of merengue hits, bachata beats,… More >>
  • Best Latin DJ

    DJ Enigma

    To the uninitiated, the life of a DJ may seem like one of total bliss. He works easy hours, gets to spin the latest hits while soaking up the adulation of club kids, and rakes in the hotties. Although some of these benefits of being a beat-master prove true (well, for the most part), there are also plenty of aggravations… More >>
  • Best Discoteca

    El Capri

    This popular discoteca is packed with mamacitas who keep up with the booty-shaking beats of cumbia, mariachi, banda, and norteño music blasting across the huge dance floor. Whether it's a live band or a DJ spinning, these Latin melodies will keep you meneando tu culo all night long.… More >>
  • Best Mariachi

    Orgullo de Mexico

    602-570-7965 This seven-member group performs at quinceañeras, weddings, and any special occasion you want to spice up with the flavor of authentic Mexican mariachis. Orgullo de Mexico performs every Sunday at the Matador Mexican restaurant in downtown Phoenix. Dressed in traditional charro suits, el cantante, accompanied by trumpets, guitars, a violin, and an amazing harpist, serenades diners with classic Mexican ballads… More >>
  • Best Banda

    La Llegadora Banda Sinaloense

    602-292-3828 If you have an occasion that demands a major celebración, go all out with a full Mexican musical ensemble with trumpet players, drummers, guitarist, a tuba player, and a cantante with a deep, rich voice that belts out all the Latino classics. At $600 an hour, they aren't exactly cheap, but it's great deal for this renowned 17-member banda. They… More >>
  • Best Place to See Lucha Libre

    Club Deportivo Coliseo

    There's nary an empty seat to be found on Sunday afternoons in the grandstands of El Gran Mercado. That's because more than a hundred fans of lucha libre (a.k.a. Mexican-style professional wrestling) never seem to miss the weekly wrestling action put on by the stars of Club Deportivo. As with most lucha events, many of the competitors are clad in… More >>
  • Best Place to Prepare for a Quinceañera

    Azteca Wedding Plaza

    Those in the business of selling gowns for quinceañeras — the coming-of-age celebrations for young Latinas — say the fiestas aren't as popular, or as traditional, as they once were. One of the waning traditions is the birthday girl's starting the night off with a pair of sneakers that are later removed by her father and replaced with high-heeled shoes… More >>
  • Best Piñatas con Dulces

    Dulcería Pico Rico

    Up your street cred with the kiddos this birthday go-round and swing by Dulcería Pico Rico for your piñata and candy fillings. Even better, take the kids with you and let them wander through the many colorful aisles of salty, sweet, and spicy treats. Mexican candies like marzipan, as well as tamarind- and chili-lime-flavored treats, are displayed next to festive… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Mexican Imports

    Mercado Mexico

    When looking for Mexican imports, head to what we lovingly call Little Mexico, the small Yaqui reservation of Guadalupe. Right on the border of Tempe, Guadalupe's Mercado Mexico is muy auténtico. Sure, they have the standard Mexican tchotchkes on hand: colorful ceramic figurines, bundles of chile peppers, and celestial iron hangings. But they also have top-notch Mexican ceramics, so even… More >>
  • Best Mexican Swap Meet

    El Gran Mercado - CLOSED

    Ah, the swap meet — south-of-the-border-style. Step into El Gran Mercado for an unmistakable flavor of Mexico. There is no better place to relax with a cold beer and munch on authentic Mexican food such as a tasty ensalada de cueritos, bite-size chunks of pork doused with hot sauce. Take in some lucha libre on the weekends, listen to hot… More >>
  • Best Yerbería

    Yerberia San Francisco

    Business not going well? Want to shed a few extra pounds? Looking for a natural energy boost? Head over to Yerberia San Francisco, a small West Phoenix shop packed with herbal remedies. Inside, you will find a friendly, knowledgeable staff that will guide you through the shelves of neatly arranged products. Loyal customers swear by the ointments, oils, pills, and… More >>
  • Best Mexican Market

    Pro's Ranch Market

    Pro's Ranch Market is the supermercado to end all supermercados. Step one upon entering Pro's Ranch? Avoid the "don't go shopping hungry" dilemma by hitting up the sprawling eatery with made-to-order Mexican combo platters packed with tamales, tacos, and mounds of carne. Also make sure to stop by the thirst-quenching aguas frescas stand to fortify yourself for your shopping trip.… More >>
  • Best Day of the Dead Festival

    Desert Botanical Garden

    Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is one of our favorite autumn festivals at the Desert Botanical Garden. The peaceful desert ecosystem provides an ideal backdrop for this Mexican celebration of ancestors and departed loved ones. Day of the Dead festivities are part of the ticket price, so make sure you check out the colorful ofrendas (shrines and… More >>