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Best Artisan Mexican Sweets Phoenix 2012 - Muñeca Mexicana

Muñeca Mexicana

Muñeca Mexicana

7125 E. 5th Ave.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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Minerva Orduño's day (more night, in this case) job is nothing to scoff at — she's a line cook at FnB, one of our favorite restaurants. Perhaps the best part of the job: Her bosses let her use the restaurant's kitchen to pursue her dream. Muñeca Mexicana is a little business that's making our own dreams of authentic, artisan-crafted Mexican sweets come true. Orduño whips up piloncillo-stuffed pastries known as coyotas, killer caramel sauce made of goat's milk (cayeta del celaya) and these delectable little almond cookies she calls polvorones and we call the best reason we've ever tasted to indulge in a treat made with lard. You can buy her goods at FnB's little sister, the Bodega market in Scottsdale, and learn more about Orduño and her future plans for more items on her Facebook page. Not long ago, we spotted chorizo on the shelf at Bodega; bring on the savory, Minerva!

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