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Best Beer Bar Phoenix 2012 - The Hungry Monk

The Hungry Monk

The Hungry Monk

1760 W. Chandler Blvd.

Chandler, AZ 85224


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In 2010, Jim Lolli converted his two-year-old Buffalo Wings & Rings franchise into the Hungry Monk, where the ever-changing beer list boasts crafts from all over the country, as well as unique blends crafted by Monk staff and friends. Maybe it's the time he spent slinging wings, but Lolli has an eccentric approach to events that twists what beer can do and be. Think tapping a 10 percent ABV double IPA at 8 a.m. and pairing it with doughnuts is a good idea? Lolli did. How about a dinner of steak and pancakes served with stouts and beer-based syrups? Lolli's all about it. Tapping parties, beer festivals, and fundraising events are where the Monk shines, but you can get a deal every day of the week — the best day to visit is Wednesday, when craft pints are just $3.

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So which is really better, The Hungry Monk or Angel's Trumpet which won as Best Brew Pub (even though they are just a beer bar and not a brew pub)? New Times screwed the pooch on this one.


Not sure if this is really deserved. Three other local places, Cave & Ives, Papago Brewing and the Watering Hole at Whole Foods in Chandler were all nominated by the Brewers Association as among the top beer bars in the country. Either the Brewers Association missed the Hungry Monk or this is another example of New Times getting it wrong again. My money says New Times messed up again.  The Hungry Monk is in the top 10 locally but there are certainly many places better like the three mentioned above or World of Beer, Tops, Angel's Trumpet, Flannys, Brat Haus, or O.H.S.O, Greasy food doesn't cut it.