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Best Car Wash Phoenix 2012 - Clean Freak Carwash

Clean Freak Carwash

Clean Freak Carwash

711 Grand Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85007


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Remember going through the automatic car wash as a kid in your mom and dad's car? That feeling of being inside something so mechanical, so loud, and so much more sci-fi futuristic than any of your parents' other errands. Now, as adults, car washes are a boring necessity — that is, unless you take your ride to Clean Freak, where you can recapture the fantastical feeling of your childhood. Plus, the staff is friendly, and the deals are priced right. A regular wash is $5, takes just three minutes, and includes vacuuming. Step it up with the Freaky Clean for $8 or the Obsessively Clean for $10, complete with undercarriage power wash and Turtle Wax ICE. Can't keep the desert dust off your car? Unlimited monthly washes start at $20.

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That's true! I am able to recall being thrilled to tag along in my parents' car whenever they are heading to a carwash. But nowadays, carwash is just a few men manually scrubbing your car. Nothing exciting about that and it might even be boring and agitating as some take quite a long time to finish (if they are short of manpower). However, my dad prefers the present manual carwash as his car accessory (the Mercedes logo for the old models) used to be broken by the automatic carwash machine.