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Best Chiles Rellenos Phoenix 2012 - Los Jarritos Restaurant

Los Jarritos Restaurant

Los Jarritos Restaurant

4630 E. Van Buren St.

Phoenix, AZ 85008-6922


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If an omelet arrives on your table at this cute and quirky family-owned Phoenix lunch spot, do not send it back. And, by all means, avoid any temptation to pick up a fork. That's your chile relleno, dude. How to enjoy it best? Simply lift and place the soft yellow mass, topped with splotches of melted cheddar cheese and bright red salsa, onto the accompanying platter-size tortilla, wrap it up burrito-style, and take a generous bite. The reward comes almost immediately: the rich flavor of roasted Hatch chile, along with egg and cheese, and the sting of the tomatoey salsa. It might be the best chile relleno breakfast burrito you've had — and probably the only one.

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