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Best Cupcake Phoenix 2012 - Blue Moon Cupcake from Kreative Kupcakes

Blue Moon Cupcake from Kreative Kupcakes

Blue Moon Cupcake from Kreative Kupcakes

701 E. Western Ave.

Avondale, AZ 85323


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What separates a good cupcake from a great cupcake? It's the actual cake. Anybody can make a good frosting, but it takes real skill to make a flavorful cake. Our taste buds have fallen head over heels in love with Kreative Kupcakes' tangy Blue Moon cupcakes. And, yes, that's Blue Moon, as in the beer. The perfectly moist cake practically explodes with hints of vanilla and orange flavors. The light citrus glaze that coats the top of the cake actually complements the cake instead of masking it like most of the other shops around town. The Blue Moon cupcake may not be as pretty as some of its rivals, but we couldn't care less. We see this tiny cake for what it has on the inside.

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WOW You guys need to get out more. I have had thier cupcakes, and they are far from the best. I can think of no less than 3 or 4 other cupcake bakers in the Phoenix area that are far superior to this little place in the ghetto of Avondale. Start trolling the local Farmers Markets and you will find some of the REAL Best Cupcakes and baked goods in Phoenix. In Tempe I found the Cupcake Cafe was fantastic compared to this place. Ollie Cakes in Phoenix, (WHO WON CUPCAKE WARS I MIGHT AD) has some of the best stuff I have ever tasted. Lizzy's Sweets N Treats in Avondale is fantastic, and Frosted Frenzy in the Northwest Valley even has a superior product. You guys really should try all the places around town before you settle.