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Best Food Truck Phoenix 2012 - Hey Joe! Filipino Street Food Truck

Readers' Choice: Short Leash Hot Dog

As the food-truck scene in the Valley evolves at a rapid pace, this mobile eatery continues to be one of the best. Joe Webb, a Scottsdale Culinary Institute graduate, and his wife, Margita, a native of the Philippines, cook up Filipino street food on a near-daily basis at various locations around the Valley, including Food Truck Fridays at the Phoenix Public Market and Luhrs Lunch, also in downtown Phoenix. They specialize in lumpia, the delicious fried spring rolls popular on the Southeast Asian islands. Also spectacular is the lechon kawali, or four pieces of pork belly braised for 15 hours and then deep-fried, and pancit, a stir-fried dish consisting of juicy chicken, vegetables, and rice noodles. Much of the meat is cooked on a Filipino-style robata grill and served to you with a mound of rice and sweet-and-sour sauce. The Webbs have a good thing going with their truck, already a mainstay of the Valley's burgeoning food-truck scene.

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His name is Brian Webb.  Jeez, how do you get that wrong?  It's called "Hey Joe" because "Joe" is Filipino slang for an American, like GI Joe.  This along with the Angels Trumpet "Best Brewpub" (but it doesn't actually brew beer) award makes you wonder how much effort they actually put into this product.  Get it together, folks.