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Best Jerk Phoenix 2012 - The Jerk Hut

The Jerk Hut

The Jerk Hut

4115 N. 19th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85015


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Owned by three natives of Jamaica, this tiny but tasty Caribbean eatery knows its jerk. With perfectly prepared and tender chicken, there's a kick from the Scotch bonnet pepper element to be sure, but this jerk's true genius is in its notes of thyme, cinnamon, cloves, and several other flavorful ingredients. The restaurant's tiny menu is all good eatin', but no matter what we try, the jerk chicken is a delicious must-have.

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The food there is excellent!! However, the customer service is not so great. You walk in, no one greets or smile or say how can I help you.  I believe the owner/manager (female)...lets it be known she is running the show.She is rude to the employees and takes her frustration out her guest. I place multiple orders and she was all confused and got a nasty attitude because she was mad and didn't remember what I ordered. I was referred there by the group I work with. Sorry, but they won't be getting my money anymore!! Very unprofessional!!