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Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, West Valley Phoenix 2012 - Mama Lupita's

Mama Lupita\'s

Mama Lupita's

6550 W. Glendale Ave.

Glendale, AZ 85301


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Don't be put off by the location (in a crummy strip mall a couple of miles west of considerably tidier historic downtown Glendale) because inside this very good Mexican eatery is a cheery little dining room with a friendly. The menu focuses on the cuisine of the southern Mexican state of Michoacan and features several menu items you'd otherwise have to search far and wide to find, including bírria seca (barbecued goat), pipian con nopales marquesita (pork and cactus in a brown, nutty sauce), and Michoacan-style enchiladas (folded tortillas doused in tangy guajillo red sauce). The tortillas here are hechas a mana and the salsa is fresh and plenty fiery. There's a full breakfast menu and numerous seafood dishes, including ostiones en su concha (oysters on the half-shell). Prices are beyond reasonable, but even if they weren't, finding an authentic Michoacan-style dinner in good old Glendale would be worth it.

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I've been here many times and haven't found anything I don't like.  It is definately the west valley's best kept secret. My favorite is the Ceviche, tacos and Chili Colorado!  Oh and the home made tortillas are the best!



The Camarones con Coco are superb. One of the priciest items on the menu, but just so incredibly yummy.


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