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Best Place to Build Your Dream Car Phoenix 2012 - Local Motors

Local Motors

1576 S. Nelson Drive

Chandler, AZ 85226


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Boy, you wish your high school shop class was as cool as Local Motors in Chandler. It's a space where auto enthusiasts, fabricators, engineers, and designers come to create vehicles conducive to the local environment. The Rally Fighter is the flagship vehicle of Local Motors, designed by Song Ho Kim, who won Local Motors' open competition. It's built for the American Southwest, and as intense as it looks, it's perfectly okay to take it out on Interstate 10. While Local Motors has an international online community of engineers and designers called The Forge, the coolest thing about this space is that you can (for the right price) build a Rally Fighter for yourself. From scratch. In six days. Even if you don't know how an engine works or why it's a called a monkey wrench, Local Motors will pair you up with a member of their team and you can drive this bad-ass car home in about a week. Learn more about it

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This is amazing! You can mix-and-match the thousand and one accessories and auto parts from scratch and create your own fighter car. From the range of coolest designs to the toughest engines to choose from with the help of experts. I hope the price will not fetch skyhigh range and I wonder if we are able to use our existing car to further enhance it, instead of building a fighter car entirely from scratch?


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