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Best Place to Get Your Car Fixed by a Girl Phoenix 2012 - 180 Degrees Automotive

180 Degrees Automotive

180 Degrees Automotive

545 W. Mariposa St.

Chandler, AZ 85225

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If you think women know nothing about cars, you haven't met Bogi Lateiner. The 30-something is passionate about vehicles and ditched her plans to become a lawyer to instead break down the barriers between women and their cars (and men who don't think their cars can be fixed by women). She opened 180 Degrees Automotive this year and is already busy with oil changes and repairs. And when she's not under the car, Lateiner is hard at work on a handbook for women — and anyone else — who want to learn more about auto repair. For her, the business is more than an oil change; it's an education and a pretty sweet hobby if you get to know what's under the hood.

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Some people think that women don't know anything about automobiles. But this has been proved wrong by Bogi Lateiner. She is very passionate about cars and has dropped his thought of becoming a lawyer. She has maintained a automotive group and now is she busy in oil changing and repairs. She is a good example for those women's who want to join the automotive sector.


Never underestimate women when it comes to cars. Whenever we become passionate with something, we really become passionate about it. I am not surprised if this happened to Bogi. A friend of mine was so curious about her that she went over to have her car fixed and she was impressed. Bogi talked passionately about cars to her, and car parts. My friend was glad that she dropped by during her off-peak time and she saw how the lady worked on her car. She was even more impressed that Bogi is a lawyer by profession, too.


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