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Best Place to Get Your Typewriter Fixed Phoenix 2012 - Mesa Typewriter Exchange

Mesa Typewriter Exchange

Mesa Typewriter Exchange

30 S. MacDonald St.

Mesa, AZ 85210


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Bill Wahl's happy to be disturbed at work. The local typophile and his stockpile of typewriters continue the tradition of the business that's occupied 30 South MacDonald in Mesa since 1949. Wahl?s surrounded by old, rusty machines that local diehards and newfound typewriting hipsters have dropped off at his shop for repairs. The walls are lined with Coronas, Smiths, Hermes, Remingtons, and Royals with enough carrying cases and musty typewriter smell to put any sucker for vintage stuff over the edge. It?s in Wahl?s shop where you?re likely to spend an afternoon plinking on old keys and warming up to the lack of a backspace button and real ink on paper (ah!). If you look carefully, you might catch a glimmer of Hipstamatic hope for the future of the typosphere.

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