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Best Place to Observe the Science of Xenophobia Phoenix 2012 - Arizona

Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has become imfamous for its stance on illegal immigration. Some call it racial profiling; some think it's just simple law enforcement. Whatever it is, it's controversial. From the state border north to Maricopa County, police officers and border patrol agents are hunting for illegal immigrants.

The Yuma Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol supervises 126 miles of borderland in Arizona and California. Using the highest-profile form of technology to date, the fence (or as agents call it, "the line") acts as the biggest physical barrier illegal aliens strive to overcome in the attempt to cross to the United States. Should they successfully cross, agents rely on other forms of technology to secure the safety of not only themselves, but also those attempting to make it to America. See a slideshow here.
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As you ridicule the U.S. Border Patrol for its "science of xenophobia," allow us to take a moment to reflect on the death of Agent Nicholas Ivie this morning and the personal sacrifice that U.S. Border Patrol agents make every day in trying to keep drugs and undocumented aliens from invading our country. The Border Patrol is not perfect - no agency ever is - and it has its share of bad actors, but the vast majority of Agents are simply trying to do what we, the citizens and voters, have asked of them and some, like Agent Ivie today, unfortunately make the ultimate sacrifice in doing so.