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Best Record Label Phoenix 2012 - Acetic House

You won't find a website or Hello Merch profile for Acetic House, the Tempe-based imprint responsible for releases by Otro Mundo, Marshstepper, Avon Ladies, and more, as well as a swelling library of chap books, poetry, and private press collections of literary ephemera. It's hard to keep up with Acetic House, especially given the subversive, stubborn reluctance of its proprietors to promote and otherwise push its wares on fans. While other labels create memes encouraging (or badgering) active support, Acetic House operates on the fringes and in the shadows. You can find it — but you have to know where to look, a refreshing rarity in an over-exposed, every-detail-on-display indie rock world.

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Is a label that puts out zines and cassettes really a "record label"? I think some hard working record label folks would disagree.



 @Benny.Hill I share your concern with the accuracy of this listing, as I think plenty of other local labels are far more deserving of the prestigious "best record label" title, however, I must note that Ascetic House has released multiple vinyl records, both in the 12" and 7" format, and, according to the internet, has multiple future vinyl releases announced and in the works.