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Best Ribs Phoenix 2012 - Texas BBQ House

Texas BBQ House

Texas BBQ House

5037 S. 24th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85040


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They say there isn't a Texan in the barbecue business who's gotten pork ribs right — not so at this South Phoenix hole-in-the-wall. Here, Texas expats Mike Pitt and Doug Dieckmann have brought some of their home state's flair for barbecue to everyone from casual diners to 'cue connoisseurs to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Smoked over oak with family-recipe dry rub, the pork ribs are two-handed, thick strips of tenderness eaten like the meat version of corn on the cob. And like any Texas barbecue joint worth its smoked slabs of meat, this one comes complete with goods sold by the half-pound, gleaming white butcher paper used as plates, and old Pepsi crates used as trays. And sauce? Let's just say it's an accessory, not an essential, to some of the best barbecue in the Valley.

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A definite must place to grab your pork ribs and moist brisket caressd by the oak smoke and drenched in its own juices!!!  If you are hungry and need a big lunch you got to try the Texas Po' Boy!!!  You gotta be there to see what it is all about!!!! 
Congrats to the fellas at Texas BBQ House!  I sure do miss you guys since I moved to NM!!!!


What a great accomplishment - congrats to Texas BBQ House on this achievement! Very proud KS girl! :)